Before I surrender myself to the momentary death,
in the form of sleep,
I count all the sins that I have done
in the lifetime of dawn and dusk.

And the treasures I collected,
to be savoured in the reincarnation
of the next dawn

Empty stomach and an empty morning,
My first wheezing cough marks my awakening.
Cold winds rustling the sheets lying around
remind of my idleness.

Wasn’t yesterday yesterday?
And will today also age to yesterday?

My heart is barren and light,
And the dead silence is melodious.
I stare into the dim lighted walls and shelves,
and I savour the beauty of the moment,
until it becomes unbearable.

I rise,
unwrapping myself
from the cocoon of sheets,
unaware of what my body is screaming for.

Rest, I need rest
from the invasive sorrow.
Introspection rather than inspection
is what a human should seek.

Videogames exist in reality.
But you have to pay heavy to get a new life,
And erase the memories by deep slumber
of starry skies and cherished smiles.



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