A woman.

“We All Fall Down” by Aykut Aydogdu


Her beauty lies within the petals,
Of her nasty talks,
Her constant nagging,
And her unaccountability for things.

Her beauty lies in
her diligent persistence,
her sincere affection
her calloused hands,
and her war with herself.

She smells like soap and scent
She smells like hardwork,
she tastes like lipstick
glazed with yeasted sweat.

Her swollen joints are painless,
her womb is numb.
Her bosom is a mere show,
to which her vulnerability succumb.

The baggage under her eyes
is heavier than her burden,
and deeper than
an ocean of sorrows.

Delve deep into them,
and you can swim inside
her vast mind, and her
endless presumptions.

She can never be a equal to man.
For man cannot compete
with this bizarre creature.
He will be left behind.
She is a senseless hag
for finding joy in sacrifices.

She is a woman.




6 thoughts on “A woman.

    1. I appreciate a lot. Well in my city, Delhi, there are seperate coaches in metro trains reserved for women to travel, mostly for their comfortability and safety. While travelling to college, or back home, I often observe the women around me, some tired from work, some young, some older, some enjoying the view, some with a friendly look, some snobbish, some rough, some timid. I admire and observe their comfort in their own skin, the content in their face when finding a seat to sit and their diverse attire and jewellery in detail throughout my journey. It is a peaceful and a beautiful sight to be surrounded only by women during that particular time. It feels empowering to be born as woman. I find that every single woman is nothing else but beautiful. It simply takes a while for people to realize and acknowledge the fact that they may give any characteristics to her, but she cannot be competed with. Hence, I wanted to celebrate that thought through this poem.


      1. You did it very well. I love observing people when they’re comfortable and unaware that I’m tucking them away for future writing 🙂 It’s also nice to read a poem where a woman is a complex individual rather than falling into the cliché “she can beat up all the boys” trope that’s so popular in fiction (especially YA) now.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. People have completely distorted the meaning of feminism, in fact. A woman, like any other human being has imperfections and she is comfortable in living in that uncomfortability.


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