I have this often urge to express what is my head through words. In free form. So I started this blog, where I write on a range of thoughts, maybe share ideas and experiences that could inspire others. My literature graduation degree taught me that while many forms of writing exist, a writer has the liberty of paving the way for new techniques too. Because it is their design from their own vision. Maintaining this originality I create my site’s content and feel satisfied when it is recognized and shared.

I am a frequent visitor of my own site because I find it interesting to assess my old posts and analyse the set of emotions I attempted to transport through my works. It benefits me in improving the content in my upcoming posts. My future content is also influenced by my current persona reconstructed by the experiences of life.

I find the workings of life beautiful per se. We collect wisdom from every venture. That’s why they are the ‘souvenirs of the conscience’.

Besides working on my blog, I enjoy listening to music. I love exploring new genres of music. I watch tonnes of movies and series, like every millennial. I would be honest, my attention span is next to nil when it comes to reading. But I attempt going through a book every once in a while. Fun fact: I am trilingual. I can play the kalimba. I had not planned to buy it, just found it a small and handy substitute for a piano. Eventually had to learn. I have a docile cat for a companion. Do consider when people advise you to adopt a pet, it brings compassion and patience in you.

Thanks for stopping by.